Concrete Hose Pump

Hose pump gets rid of the operation mode of traditional pump impeller and shaft seal, and has advantages in the transportation of media with high viscosity, high corrosivity, and large fluid impurities. It is a completely different principle from tra…


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Where is Aluminum Nitride Used?

Now China has become a powerful country in science and technology, but do you know how powerful China's technology is? The manned space station alone is not enough, and now it has successfully broken through the key technology of nuclear fusion, even…


The ATO nanoparticles obtained from hydrothermal synthesis

The ATO nanoparticles obtained from hydrothermal synthesis only possess an electrical conductivity of 5·10−4 S/cm. This is contradictory to the results of Zhang and Gao, who claim that this hydrothermal route yields highly conductive ATO nanoparticle...…


PDS Potassium dodecyl sulfate CAS 4706-78-9, 90%

The powder is a light yellow to white color with a mild smell. It dissolves in water. The aqueous solutions is colorless, transparent or translucent.Solid Content >=90% Potassium dodecylsulfate is a chemical compound that can be used to make a vari...…

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