How many types of nitride powders are there?

Nitrogen has high electronegativity and can form a series of nitrides with many elements with lower electronegativity, including three types of ionic nitrides, covalent nitrides and metal nitrides.…


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What is titanium diboride

Among many compounds, metal borides have better high-temperature properties than metal carbides. For example, diboride (TiB2) cermet products are more suitable for use under high-temperature and highly corrosive working conditions than titanium carbi...…


Can you polish quartz to a shine

How to make Quartz shiny? To give your quartz countertop its old shine back, mix 1 part vinegar and three parts water. With the help of a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth, spray the mixture on the countertop and polish it until you get the shine y...…


How to use cement foaming agent Precautions for use of cement foaming agent

The price of a foaming agent for doors and Windows is generally about ten yuan. The generalized foaming agent refers to the surfactant or surface-active substance in which all its aqueous solution can produce foam in large quantities while introducin...…

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