How many types of nitride powders are there?

Nitrogen has high electronegativity and can form a series of nitrides with many elements with lower electronegativity, including three types of ionic nitrides, covalent nitrides and metal nitrides.…


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Analysis of Global Graphite Mineral Resources Status and International Trade Pattern

The world's largest graphite deposits are mainly located in China, Europe, Mexico, the United States, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Madagascar. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the current world graphite resource reserves are…


Sony is testing a feature of PS5 that can be automatically uploaded to your phone

SONY has begun testing a feature that, once enabled, automatically uploads screenshots and video screenshots to your phone via the PlayStation app, and then you can share them as you like. The handy feature is currently in early testing and…


Tesla deploys Internet dishes at supercharger

Dont despair, if you want to stream a show live at A Tesla Supercharger station but dont pay a premium connection -- you may have an official alternative. Owners of Tesla electric vehicles have found Starlink satellite Internet antennas at s…

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