The Hydrogen Fuel Cell of the Future Car Can Have A Long Cruising Range

Hydrogen fuel cell is a battery that uses hydrogen, a chemical element, to store energy.…


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YouTube is now hiding dislike counts to deal with its harassment problem

YouTubes like and dislike counters have been fixed at the bottom of videos since the beginning, but now to combat harassment and so-called dislike attacks, YouTube is now hiding the dislike count. In YouTubes official blog, the company said,…


Advanced materials: organic combination of polypeptide and gold nanoparticles

gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have been widely used in biosensor related fields for decades due to their excellent optical properties stability (such as pregnancy detection card for home use). Since nucleic acid functionalized gold nanoparticl…


What's Boron nitride

1. What are the differences in the purity of boron nitride?The production process causes the difference in the different purity of boron nitride. Low-temperature boron nitride is 95%~98%, and high-temperature boron nitride is purity above 99%. For ex...…

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