China and the EU compete for the world leader in hydrogen energy

The most important obstacle to the energy transition is that the cost of clean technology is too high. When the cost of clean energy drops, the world will pay attention.


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Oil futures tumbled more than $5 a barrel on news that the Biden administration is considering releasing about 1 million barrels a day from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for several months to cool surging crude prices.Brent crude futures


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Australian alumina ban disrupts Rusal magnesium stearate prices for chemicals. Patel said. "One possible outcome could be Chinese buyers buying alumina and reselling it through eastern Russian ports." Rusal has a 20% stake in the Queensland Alumina R


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In vivo studies indicate that oral administration of CuO NPs induces oxidative stress, enhanced ROS generation, inflammation, apoptosis, and histopathological alterations in various organs, such as the liver, kidney, stomach, and bone marrow. In mice exposed to NPs via inhalation, CuO NPs induced pulmonary inflammation, apoptosis, generation of ROS, and fibrosis. In rats, cytotoxicity, pulmonary inflammation, and toxicity response were also observed after CuO NP inhalation. Pietrofesa et al. Rep

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