The Hydrogen Fuel Cell of the Future Car Can Have A Long Cruising Range

Hydrogen fuel cell is a battery that uses hydrogen, a chemical element, to store energy.…


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New electrode configuration improves volumetric performance of supercapacitors

The new design with alternately stacked electrode configurations helps to enhance the volume performance of supercapacitors and achieve high energy density without sacrificing power performance.…


What color is ferroferric oxide?

The ferroferricous oxide is not ferrous metal ferrite (FeO2) nor a mixture thereof (Fe2O3). However, TR-Fe3O4 could be roughly regarded (FeO*Fe2O3) as a compound between ferrous oxide, ferric oxide, and iron oxide. This substance is insoluble but sol...…


The rapid development of 3D printing technology is changing our traditional production methods and lifestyles. | Mis-asia

3D printing technology has revolutionized our lives and traditional manufacturing methods. Metal 3D printing was an early example of emerging manufacturing technology. The aerospace industry saw the first application of this technology. This technolo...…

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