Instagram's CEO outlined the app's focus areas for 2022

In 2021, we saw nearly all of TikToks Instagram replicas and chief Adam Mosseris Instagram, and you can expect more of the same in 2022, as the platform looks focused on key areas of economic growth -- in particular, consolidating its video…


Instagram is shutting down its companion app thread at the end of the year

Instagrams separate messaging app thread is shutting down. After reports of the apps imminent closure began circulating on social media, the company confirmed to TechCrunch that the app will no longer be supported by the end of December 2021…


Instagram and Twitter have ended a nine-year spat

About nine years ago, Instagram made the brave decision to no longer allow previews of its content on Twitter posts. This was before the photo-sharing app was acquired by Facebook, and it may have been purely trivial. At the time, Kevin Syst…


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The price impact of falling European gas prices and rising global oil demand on aluminum foundry casting

Natural gas prices have fallen further in Europe as a spell of warm weather delays the heating season, providing some respite for a regional economy on the brink of recession. The mild weather is likely to extend into the month, with forecasters Maxa...…


Silver Nanometer: "Soul material" for flexible screens

Two giant companies are engaged in a patent war over a new material called nanosilver.…


The EV on-board charger refers to the charger fixed on the electric vehicle

The EV on-board charger refers to the charger fixed on the electric vehicle…

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