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What are the advantages of aerogel felt? How to apply?

Aerogel felt is flexible thermal insulation felt made of nano-silica or metal aerogel as the main material, combined with carbon fiber or ceramic glass fiber wool or pre-oxidized fiber felt through a special process.


Animal protein type foaming agent of cement foaming agent

The performance of animal protein foaming agents is similar to that of plant protein foaming agents, and its foaming capacity and stability are identical to that of plant protein. However, its raw material resources are not as extensive as plant protein, so the full production scale and application amount are not as comprehensive as plant protein. No matter what animal protein foaming agent, the general shortcomings are high price (1.6 ~ 18,000 yuan/ton), the foaming ratio is lower than syntheti


Electrochemical assessment of vanadium hydride

What is vanadium hydride?The vanadium hydride materials V(IV)-100 and V(IV)-25C-H2 were tested for room temperature hydrogen storage to compare their activity to V(III) alkyl hydride gels previously synthesized by our group. 9c Hydrogen PCT adsorption-desorption isotherms were thus recorded at 298 K and compared to standard isotherm of AX-21 recorded under the same conditions at 2-3 mmol total adsorption of H2 for accuracy. The initial material V(IV)-100 reached a maximum of 2.1 wt % at 130 bar

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