Iron Disilicide FeSi2 Powder CAS 12022-99-0

Item No.: Tr- FeSi2 Iron disilicide is an inorganic silicon compound with a molecular formula of FeSi₂ and a molecular weight of 119.975. It is a gray powder, odorless, tetragonal crystal.Purity: 99%Particle Size: 5-10um…


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Tellurium Oxide TeO2 powder CAS 7446-7-3

Item No.: TR-TeO2 Tellurium dioxide is a white powder. It is mainly used to prepare tellurium dioxide single crystal, infrared devices, acousto-optic devices, infrared window materials, electronic component materials and antiseptics.Purity:…


Apple has released an emergency iOS update that fixes a new zero-day bug

Bugs are being attacked.Within hours of the patchs release, one researcher released POC code, calling it a great vulnerability that could be used for jailbreaking and local permissions upgrades. On Monday, Apple rushed out a security update…


What are the characteristics and applications of aluminum alloy

What are the characteristics and applications of aluminum alloy…

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