High Purity Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder CAS 1317-61-9,99.9%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder CAS 1317-61-9,99.9%.…


What is Nano Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder?

The U.S. and its allies plan to impose sanctions on more Russian industries and supply chains.The US government representatives recently visited Europe to consult with allies on strengthening and enforcing sanctions to punish Russia. They also plan t…


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What is Silicon Nitride Si3N4 Powder used for?

Recently, on Sinopec's annual results teleconference, the company representative answered questions about the oil prices, and said that the future trend of oil prices is still very uncertain, and it is expected to be around $100 this year and $85 nex…


Silicon Carbide Used in Electric Automotive

Silicon Carbide Properties Silicon carbide (SiC) This compound semiconductor material is made of silicon and carbon. It has wide band gaps with gallium-nitride (GaN), and it is often called the third generation of semiconductor materials. SiC ...…

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