Breathing Manganese and Iron Solid State Respiration

Iron and manganese oxides are regarded as the "scavengers of the sea" (Goldberg, 1954) because they adsorb other metals and trace components. The interaction of metal oxides with trace metals is important in sediment and water column chemistry (Balis...…


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High Purity 99% Two-dimensional Material Mxene Ti3C2 Powder

Powder of two-dimensional multilayer Ti3C2Mxene, purity above 99.9%MXene, a 2-dimensional material, is also known as MXene. MXene, a two-dimensional material, is the result of Drexel University's research. This material offers more energy than conven...…


Market Segmentation of Foam Concrete

What is Cement foaming agent?Foam concrete is commonly used in building materials due to its cheap Price and suitable lining properties. In addition, foam concrete helps minimize weight and construction costs because it has a low density. These are a...…


Nano Silica Used in Ink

Recently, the Bulgarian Gas Company said that Bulgaria is negotiating with Gazprom on resuming natural gas supply, and there is a possibility that Russia will resume natural gas supply to Bulgaria.Since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and…

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