A brief overview of Nano Fe3O4 powder

Iron oxide (II,III) is an extremely stable thermally and insoluble source of iron that can be utilized for ceramic optical, glass, and ceramic applications.…


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What is colloidal gold and colloidal gold detection

Colloidal gold is a commonly used labeling technology. It is a new type of immunolabeling technology that uses colloidal gold as a tracer marker for antigens and antibodies. It has unique advantages. In recent years, it has been widely used…


Multi-layer Roll-on-stack Flexible Electronic Film Can Reduce Equipment Footprint

The newly developed multi-layer winding stack flexible electronic film can effectively reduce the 3D space, and at the same time, the filter network can be modularized.…


Aluminum Extrusion Profile Process In China

Including melting, extrusion and coloring (coloring key includes: oxidation, electrophoresis process, fluorocarbon spray painting, electrostatic powder spraying, wood grain transfer, etc.) three whole processes.…

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