Is Exposure to Boron Carbide Harmful to the Human Body?

Boron carbideis an essential special ceramic. It has many great properties. Synthetic diamond is another name for boride. It is non-reactive with acids and alkali solutions and is very easy to produce. It's widely used for drilling, grinding, and gri...…


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The Amazing GaN Charger Enters the Market, What Advantages Does It Have?

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Zirconium Nitride Powder – Properties and Applications |

What properties does zirconium Nitride have? Zirconium nitride It is insoluble and slightly soluble, but not in water. Zirconium-nitride powder is high in purity, small particle sizes, high specific surface area, high surface activity, and has ...…


Existing Problems in the Development of Silicon Micropowder Industry

The industry still needs to establish a mature standard system: Silica powder belongs to a specialized non-metallic mineral processing industry segment. However, a national silica powder industry association has yet to be established. The product qua...…

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