Isodecanol ethoxylates

Isodecanol Ethoxylates are a powerful dispersant, emulsifier and wetting agent. They can be used as a substitute for alkylphenol polyoxyethylene in detergents and textile additives.Content (%): 95 Isodecanol Etoxylates Isodecanol isomers are alcohol ethers that are effective dispersants and wetting agents. Isodecanol isothoxylates have a benzene-ring structure and are therefore excellent substitutes for the alkylphenolethoxylates found in detergents and textile additives. It is a global tru


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Copper oxide hydrothermal synthesis method: This method uses water as the reaction medium in a high-temperature and high-pressure reaction environment in an autoclave to dissolve commonly insoluble or insoluble substances, and the reaction can also undergo recrystallization. Hydrothermal technology has two characteristics, one is its relatively low temperature, and the other is that it is conducted in a closed container to avoid component volatilization. As a low-temperature and low-pressure syn


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Inconel powder can be confusing if you have ever wondered. Inconel is a durable, extremely hard alloy. Inconel is hydrodynamically similar to nickel particles. The versatility of Inconel makes it a great choice for numerous applications. Learn more about Inconel. What does Inconel 625 powder mean? Inconel 625 Powder is a nickel-based superalloy which is resistant to oxidation as well as corrosion. These properties make Inconel 625 powder ideal for many industrial applications. But it is not e


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