Isomorphic Labs Chases Wonder Drugs

DeepMind, the wunderkind of artificial intelligence research, has long been all about fun and games.The London-based group, part of Alphabet, Googles parent company, uses deep learning to train algorithms that can beat world champions of Go…


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Breakthroughs in spherical alumina preparation by researchers at home and abroad |

At home and abroad, the production of alumina with good particle size has become a hot issue. Different synthetic methods were used to prepare morphological aluminas powders. These included fibrous, sand and plate, rods, and porous alumina membranes....…


What are the advantages of aerogel felt? How to apply?

Aerogel felt is flexible thermal insulation felt made of nano-silica or metal aerogel as the main material, combined with carbon fiber or ceramic glass fiber wool or pre-oxidized fiber felt through a special process.…


Is fumed silica hydrophobic

Aggregated fumed Silica can be applied to large surfaces to render them hydrophobic. Micro and nanoscale structures, resembling ball and block-like forms, are attributed to the hydrophobic characteristics. They enable silicone to be used safely in ov...…

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