Isotridecanol ethoxylates CAS 69011-36-5

Isotridecanol Ethoxylates are easily dispersed in water or soluble and can be used along with a wide range of surfactants, including cationic, non-ionic, and anionic. About Isotridecanol ethoxylates: Isotridecanol Ethoxylates are easily dispersed ...…


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What is Fumed Silica?Since its first production in the early forties of this century, fumed silica has found widespread use in industrial applications. Due to its pyrogenic manufacturing process by combustion of silicon tetrachloride in an oxygen-hyd...…


Does pineapple have boron

Research has shown that boron amendments in pineapple affected by boron deficiency can increase sugar content, increase the quality of fruit produced, and strengthen root and slip development. Boron has also been found beneficial when adding ethephon...…


Cement for Foam Concrete

Ordinary Portland cement is commonly used, but rapid-hardening cement can be used if necessary. Foam concrete can incorporate a wide range of cement and other combination, for example, 30 percent of cement, 60 percent of fly ash, and limestone in 10 ...…

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