Disruptive Technology of LED Lamp Brightness Comparable to Laser

LED lights refer to lamps that use light-emitting diodes as light sources. They are usually used in traffic lights, display screens, automobile signal lights and other fields.…


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Cornell Engineers Develop New Framework to Make Biodegradable Elastomers

Metals such as iron and calcium play a crucial role inside the human body, so it's no surprise that bioengineers would like to integrate them into the soft, stretchy materials used to repair skin, blood vessels, lungs and other tissue.…


The preparation method of the magical magnesium particles

Silver-white metal (hexagonal crystal system). The melting point is 648.5°C. The boiling point is 1107°C. The relative density is 1_74. It is soluble in mineral acids and ammonium salts, but insoluble in cold water, chromic anhydride and a…


Field Emission Effect of CuO

Field emission displays are now more dominant in the market than CRT displays because of their advanced properties, such as high brightness, good color rendition, short response time, and low power consumption. Among the various nanomaterials studied...…

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