Preparation method of copper oxide

Copper oxide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula CuO. It is a black oxide of copper, slightly amphiphilic and slightly hygroscopic. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid, stable to heat, and decomposes oxygen at high temperatur…


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Development Trend

Bearing is one of the essential critical components of industrial robots, and its production is related to the overall competitiveness of the robot industry. In response to the development needs of the Asian robot industry, it is urgent to c…


The Properties of 18Ni300 Alloy | Mis-asia

The microstructures 18Ni300 of 18Ni300 make it a more powerful metal than any other type of alloy. It is the most durable and strong in tensile. The alloy's exceptional durability and strength in tensile make it an excellent choice for structural app...…


 New matchable conductive ceramic material Ti3AlC2

What's the purpose of Ti3AlC2 and how does it work? Ti3AlC2 Has a high degree of oxidation resistance and self-lubrication. It also has excellent room temperature fracture toughness, conductive properties, as well as high levels of self-lubricati...…

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