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Is Zirconium Carbide ZrC a Ceramic?

Since the beginning of this year, people around the world have felt the pressure of rising prices. Not only the rise in oil prices but also different industries have seen soaring prices. According to the latest data, from August 2021 to the present,…


The Pixel 6 takes way longer to charge than the spec sheet

The Pixel 6 has long been Googles most competitive hardware release, but the company still lags when it comes to fast charging.Google says the Pixel 6 can charge at 30 watts which is slower than the best Android phones in its price range. A…


Uses and usage of various concrete additives

Dry and large flow concrete is used to solve the problems of unreasonable gradation of sand and stone, excessive stone powder, machine-made sand, bottom glue, low-grade large flow concrete, and poor waterline and workability after pumping and coagula…

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