Production and Applications of Lignosulfonate

According to the chemical composition, water reducing agent is usually divided into lignosulfonate type of water reducing agent, naphthalene series of high-efficient water reducing agent, melamine series of high-efficient water reducing agent, amino…


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The global 3D printing metals market is growing and expected to reach $3.05 billion by 2025, according to a recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. However, to take full advantage of this growth and efficiently produce high-quality parts, powder p...…


Structural characterization techniques of ATO

Surface area measurements are performed on a gas sorption analyzer (Autosorb-iQ, Quantachrome, USA) at 77 K using nitrogen as an adsorbent. Samples are pretreated under a vacuum at 140°C for 15 h (as-synthesized ATO) or 350°C for three h (calcined AT...…


What is Magnéli Ti4O7 used for?

Chile's government is considering phasing in a proposed ban on glacial mining to limit projects high in the Andes by some big copper companies. Chile's constitutional assembly has approved a proposal to ban mining in glaciers, protected areas, and ar…

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