High Quality Lithium Battery Anode Material 99.95% Modified Artificial Graphite Powder 16S

is a reliable supplier for high quality Lithium Battery Anode Material 99.95% Modified Artificial Graphite Powder 16S.


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What is glass powder

The glass powder is a complex amorphous particle. The raw materials used in the production are PbO, SiO2, TiO2, and other electronic grade raw materials, which are mixed and then undergo solid phase reaction at high temperatures to form glass homogeneous with disordered structure and stable chemical properties. Its acid resistance has far exceeded lead oxides. Still, it is usually converted into oxides in the chemical composition expression. Glass powder is a kind of transparent powder that is e


Kinds of Boron Nitride

BN7000: When high purity, binder-less, and the highest temperature capability are required, BN7000 offers the best of all its grades. With a temperature up to 2000° C in inert atmospheres or high vacuum, BN7000 can be used in the most extreme conditions. Applications: insulators for high-temperature vacuum furnaces, crucibles for high-purity metals and refractories, and high-temperature electrical insulators. BN8000: This low-density hBN grade incorporates unique near-net shape forming and press


Thermal insulation mechanism of nano ATO

The SnO2 crystal has a stable tetrahedral rutile structure with an anion and cation coordination number of 6:3. Each tin ion is adjacent to six oxygen ions, and each oxygen ion is adjacent to three tin ions. After doping antimony ions into SnO2, it occupies the position of Sn4+in the lattice, forming a valence positive charge center SbSn and a surplus valence electron, increasing the net electron, forming an n-type semiconductor, and increasing the conductivity of the grains. As a result, SnO2 a

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