Lithium Nitride Powder – Property and Application |

Lithium-nitride This is a compound of metal and nitrogen with the molecular formula Li3N. It's a purple or red-colored crystalline solid that has a light green color when reflected and a ruby colour in transmitted sunlight. Property of Lithium ...…


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How do you define it? Are you looking for sphere-shaped Al2O3 powders? Spherical al2O3 powder exhibits excellent mechanical properties. This material is used often as a milling medium. High compressive strength and wear resistance make Spherica...…


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Australian alumina ban disrupts Rusal 316L powder prices for chemicals. Patel said. "One possible outcome could be Chinese buyers buying alumina and reselling it through eastern Russian ports." Rusal has a 20% stake in the Queensland Alumina Refinery…


UV light is absorbed by iron oxide red–coated film.

Particularly, UV light is absorbed by iron oxide red–coated film. The relationship between wavelength and light transparency in trans-iron oxide red–coated film. The light transparency of UV light is lower; however, IR light easily passes through the...…

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