CAS 4485-12-5 Lithium Stearate Powder

Lithium-stearate can be described as a white powdered substance with chemical formula LiC18H35O2.We can supply lithium 12hydroxy stearate as well.Properties of Lithium StearateLithium-stearate can be described as a white powdered substance with chemical formula LiC18H35O2.Lithium stearate density: 1.025g /cm3. The melting point of lithium stearate is 220.0-221.5It is stable at both room temperature and under pressure. Solubility of lithium stearate . It is somewhat soluble in both water and etha


What is Lithium Stearate?

The latest forecast from consulting firm AlixPartners is that the chip shortage may cost the global auto industry $110 billion; it will reduce global auto lithium stearate powder. What is lithium stearate?Lithium stearate, C17H35COOLi, is


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