Apple's MacBook Pro is a GPU warning shot for Nvidia and AMD

The first generation of Apples M1 chips hit Intel hard, and its 2020 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro achieved rare leapfrog improvements in performance. Within a year, it was competing with the best GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. The new MacB…


Apple calls Notch 'smart way' to give new MacBook Pro more content space

An Apple official said in a recent interview that the recesses on the newly designed MacBook Pro offer a smart way to give users more room for content and allow Apple to make the bezels thinner, giving users more screen real estate. Adding a…


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What are the advantages of aerogel felt? How to apply?

Aerogel felt is flexible thermal insulation felt made of nano-silica or metal aerogel as the main material, combined with carbon fiber or ceramic glass fiber wool or pre-oxidized fiber felt through a special process.…


Global Epidemic Spreads, Competition for Base Oil Is Fierce, Sales of MoDTC Will Also Decline

As the global epidemic spreads, competition for base oils is fierce. As a friction modifier for lubricating greases, MoDTC's sales will also decline with industrial shutdowns.…


Nanoparticle jamming at the water-oil interface

Attachment of NPs to sparsely populated water-oil interface. (A) Schematic diagram showing the attachment of a NP to the pristine water–oil interface. (B) Confocal microscopy images showing the attachment of 500-nm NPs to the water-oil in…

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