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Hexagonal Boron Nitride is 10 Times Stronger Than Graphene

The biggest immediate challenge for the EU will be replenishing its depleted gas inventories. While the EU could still increase LNG imports from countries such as the US, such purchases would be more expensive.Refilling natural gas storage space to h…


Google's first OS 3 smartwatch looks almost like the Galaxy Watch 5

Earlier this year, Samsung and Google teamed up to create a new generation of smartwatches, Wear OS 3. Samsung eventually ditched Tizen in favor of Wear OS 3, but the drastic change left Samsung with some exclusivity on the new OS version. T…


Samsung's foldable phone design is detailed again in the new patent

Samsung currently offers two foldable phone designs. The Galaxy Z Flip line is known for its compact vertical folds, while the Galaxy Z Folding line is known for its book-like mechanism. However, according to a new patent, Samsung maybe adds…

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