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Monobranch C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate, 37%

Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate (C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate) is an anionic sulfate ester salt. It is highly electrolyte stable, easily soluble, and compatible with hard water.Solid Content 37% Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate C8-10: Monobranch Alcohol Sulphate, also known as C8-10 Alcohol Sulphate, is an anionic sulfate ester salt. It has good dispersibility in water, is compatible with hard water, and a high level of electrolyte resistance. It is a global trusted brand Monobranch C8-10 Alcohol Sulpha


Compound semiconductor material water reducing agent

What is water reducing agent?Firstly, the water-reducing agent can reduce the unit amount of Water used in concrete mixing without affecting the workability of the concrete to reduce the water-cement ratio and effectively improve the strength of concrete; Secondly, the water-reducing agent does not reduce the concrete mix performance other. At first sight, lithium having a high value of ionization energy amongst alkali metals, acts as the strongest reducing agent in solution. Reducing agents, ox


Team makes case for high-performance carbon nanotube fibers for industry

The cross-section of a fiber produced at Rice University contains tens of millions of carbon nanotubes. The lab continually improves its method to make fibers, which tests show are now stronger than Kevlar. Carbon nanotube fibers made at Ri

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