Marlowet 4570 LF

Marlowet4570LF is a anionic surfactant that displays the characteristics of nonionic surfactants under acidic condition. The MARLOWET LF 4570: MARLOWET LF is a nonionic anionic surfactant. It exhibits characteristics similar to a nonionic one unde...…


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What is the use of stabilizing oxide alumina?

What does aluminium oxide mean? Aluminium oxide Aluminum oxide has the chemical formula of Al2O3. Aluminium oxide has elemental aluminium as well as oxygen. After chemical treatment of the bauxite, the products are usually a high quality alumin...…


What are the raw materials for silicon

The raw materials needed for synthesizing silicones are sand, coal, natural gas/petroleum, rock salt, air, and water. Raw Silicon is obtained from sand and coal and is continually converted into the desired silicones. Crystalline silica has been clas...…


Novel Organism Corallicolid Can Produce Chlorophyll But No Photosynthesis

Corallicolids are widely found in corals and are found in 70% of corals in the world, second only to Symbiodiniaceae, and therefore are the core members of the coral microbiome.…

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