Metal Alloy 8.92g/Cm3 High Purity Polished Copper Plate

Copper products exhibit good electrical conductivity as well as thermal conductivity. They are also ductile, resistant to corrosion, and have a high wear resistance. They are widely used by the energy, electronics, and petrochemicals industries. Metal Alloy High Purity Copper Plate, 8.92g/cm3, Surface: Brush, mirror, hairline, mill, shiny, oiled Dimension: Applications: Interior decoration: ceilings, walls, furniture, cabinets, and elevator decoraction. Payment & T


Metal Alloy W-Cu Alloys Custom Size Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate

Combining the benefits of copper with tungsten is the Copper-tungsten Alloy. About Metal Alloy W-Cu Alloys Custom Size Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate: Tungsten Copper Features: Copper-tungsten alloy combines the best of copper with tungsten. This alloy has high strength, specific gravity, resistance to high temperatures, arc ablation resistance, electrical conductivity and good processing performance. The product is made from high-quality tungsten and oxygen-free copper. Infiltrat


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The mix ratio of silicon powder

For the mix design of silica concrete, mainly according to the design requirements, to determine the incorporation method of silica powder, the best dosage of silica powder, the optimal dosage of water reducing agent, and sand and stone adjustment, and the other is carried out according to the usual concrete design method. An incorporation method of silicon powder: there are generally two methods of silicon powder in concrete: internal mixing and external mixing, which should be used with water


High Purity Tin Sn Powder CAS 7440-31-5,99%

Tin powder has a shiny silvery white color (cubic system and cubic system). It is also ductile. Purity>99.5%Particle Size: 60nm or 100nm About Sn Powder Tin dust consists of a ductile, silvery white powder. Tin's melting point equals 231.88. The Tin boiling point equals 2270. Tin density = 7.28. Tin metallic powder can be dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, aqua regia (concentrated nitric), hot dilute acid sulfuric and cold dilute acid hydrochloric. In air, tin metal


C10 Alkyl glucoside CAS 54549-25-6;141464-42-8

C10 alkyl glucosides can be neutral or slightly alkaline. Viscous, light yellow liquid at room temperatures. About C10 Alkylglucoside C10 alkyl glucosides can be neutral, aqueous or slightly alkaline. It is a light yellow viscous fluid at room temperature. It has the characteristics of common non-ionic and anionic surfactants, is easily soluble in water, has low surface tension, is rich, delicate, and stable foam, has strong alkali and acid resistance, strong wetting force, can be mixed with

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