Metal Alloy Titanium Rod For Making 3D Printing Powder

For 3D printing powder manufacturing, it is titanium rod or an alloy of titanium. The Metal Alloy Titanium Rod for Making 3D Printer Powder: These items are used for: Medical use, aircraft and ship components Execution Standard: Ti Titanium Bars And Titanium Alloy Barrs for Powder Production in Additive manufacturing (GB/T38973-202) Permissible size deviation: Bar diameter deviations are allowed to be +-0.1mm There is a maximum deviation from the bar length allowed of +-5


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Coco alkylbis(hydroxyethyl)methyl Ethoxylated Chlorides CAS 61791-10-4

It has dual nature as cationic and ionic. Has a good solubilization, can be compounded, reduces amount of solubilizer in formula and improves cloud point. About Coco alkylbis(hydroxyethyl)methyl Ethoxylated Chlorides CAS 61791-10-4: It is both cationic (cationic) and non-ionic (non-ionic), has a good solubilization, can be compounded, reduces solubilizer in the formulas, and improves cloud point. The product is also wettable and spreadable, and it can improve the degreasing, even at low leve

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