Metal Alloy High Purity Titanium Plate Titanium Sheet

This is a titanium sheet made from titanium plates with cold rolling. provides Titanium sheet in different sizes. High Purity Titanium Plate Titanium Steel Sheet: Standard: ASTM B265, ASME SB265, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS 4902, AMS 4911 ...…


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Internet Association will be closed at the end of this year

The Internet Association, an organization in Washington that claims to be the unifying voice of the Internet industry, will be closed at the end of this year. Before this, companies such as Microsoft and Uber canceled financial support for…


Fine white fluffy powder water-based calcium stearate

What is water-based calcium stearate?Water-based calcium stearate alias calcium octadecate; Calcium octadecate; Calcium stearate dispersion; Calcium stearate; Calcium stearate; SCD lubricant; Calcium octadecate (light), molecular formula: C18H35CaO2,...…


Nature of Silicon powder

Crystalline silicon is steel gray, and amorphous silicon is black. Non-toxic, tasteless. d2.33; Melting point 1410 ℃; Average heat capacity (16~100 ℃)0. 1774cal/(g -℃). Crystalline silicon belongs to the atomic crystal, is hard and glossy, and is a t...…

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