Metal Alloy 99.95% High Purity Polished Tungsten Wafer

Polished Tungsten wafer, 99.95% pure About Metal Aloy 99.95% Pure Polished Tungsten Wafer Properties: Good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. Uses: Used in many areas such as aerospace electronics, lighting, medical equipment and vacuum coating. The following is the tungsten rod dimensions. If you require a specific dimension please contact us by sending an inquiry. Payments & Transport: Metal Alloy 99.95% High Purity Pol


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The MoS2 film on the wear track tended to build up around the highest metallic asperities

The MoS2 film on the wear track on the sandblasted substrate tended to build up around the highest metallic asperities. A typical region on the track. Smooth, compacted M0S2 and flat, metallic asperity plateaus can be seen. As in moist air, the interaction of the sharp, sandblasted asperities (during run-in) with the rider was the most likely reason for the greater initial rider wear when sliding on the sandblasted substrate. After the run-in, the lubrication mechanism was the plastic flow of th


How to make Alumina?

Alumina is an odorless, white powder that is used for various applications in industries like metallic paints, spark plug insulation, and as a starting material for the production of aluminum metal.


How to Produce Metal Powder for 3D Printing

The metal powder preparation method can be divided into: reduction method, electrolysis method, grinding method, atomization method, etc. according to the preparation process.

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