How is 3D printing Metal powder made?

The 3D printing metal powder preparation method can be divided into: reduction method, electrolysis method, grinding method, atomization method, etc. according to the preparation process. At present, the two most advanced powder making proce


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Types of natural graphite

The technological properties and uses of graphite mainly depend on its degree of crystallization. Natural Graphite can be divided into crystalline (flake graphite) and cryptocrystalline (earth-like Graphite), two industrial types according to crystal morphology. Crystalline Graphite: In crystalline (flake) graphite ore, the diameter of the graphite crystal is more significant than 1μm in the form of flake; The ore grade is low, but the selectivity is good. The minerals associated with Graphite a


Suggestion for the consumption of silica

Silica: FAO/WHO (2001) stipulates that the maximum use amount is 10mg/kg for milk powder, cocoa powder, sweetened cocoa powder, edible sodium fat, and cocoa butter; Cream fat is 1g/kg; 15g/kg of sucrose powder, glucose powder, soup powder, and soup block for application; The FDA in the United States has set a maximum limit of 2% for this product as an anticancer agent. GB 2760-2011 "National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives" stipulates that it is used for egg powder, milk powde


What is Titanium powder?

Titanium powder , titanium hydride powder: purity:95-99.4% and other specifications: Titanium powder: the product is silver-gray irregular powder, has a large suction capacity, high temperature or electric spark conditions under flammable.

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