Molecular Sieves 5A

5A molecularsieve is calcium A-type silicon aluminate. A molecular sieve 5A can absorb molecules whose critical size is less than 5A. Any molecular molecules which can be adsorbed using 3A and 4A molecularsieves can be adsorbed via 5A type. About M...…


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Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a viscous soluble fiber

Diets producing a high glycemic response result in exaggerated insulin secretion, which induces hepatic lipogenesis, contributing to the development of insulin resistance and fatty liver. Viscous dietary fibers blunt the postprandial rise in blood gl...…


T-Mobile suffered data breach again

Many of us think that data breaches are part of our daily lives. After all, your account information is only safe for the company you do business with, and year after year, people pay less and less attention to such issues. This summer, T-M…


Foamed concrete

Foamed concrete has been defined as a cementitious material, with a minimum of 20% (per volume) foam entrained into the plastic mortar. (As no coarse aggregate is used in foamed concrete, the term concrete is strictly inappropriate). Foamed concrete ...…

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