N-Methyl-N-cocoylaminoacetic acid CAS 61791-59-1

CS-30, an amino acid series, is a mild surfactant that produces a lot of foam. It is stable and elastic. The result after washing the hair will be soft, natural and fresh. About N-Methyl-N-cocoylaminoacetic acid CAS 61791-59-1: CS-30 is a surfacta...…


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This work reports on the investigation of nanosized CeO2-ZnO systems

This work reports on investigating nanosized CeO2-ZnO systems prepared by Pechini's method. The structural and morphological characterization of CeO2-ZnO systems as well as the characterization of CeO2 and ZnO separately, showed that the employed met...…


What is the difference between zinc sulfide and zinc sulfate

Two types of zinc sulfuride exist. Zinc sulfurate has a lower melting point than Zinc Sulfide. Zinc sulfide has different properties, so they can also be used in different ways. What exactly is Zinc Sulfide, and how can it help you? Zinc sulfide ca...…


Application of silicon carbide nanomaterials

Silicon carbide is a nanomaterial that has many outstanding properties. These include high thermal conductivity; strong thermal stability; oxidation resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It also has a small Dielectric constant, high electron ...…

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