Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearings.…


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Striking gold: Advanced Photon Source enables catalysis research at small scales

By examining tiny particles of gold with powerful X-ray beams, scientists hope they can learn how to cut down on harmful carbon monoxide emissions from motor vehicles.Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and dangerous gas produced by…


Sodium Oleate CAS 143-19-1

Product name: Sodium OleateCAS NO.143-19-1Molecular formula: C18H33NaO2Properties of Sodium Oleate: Sodium oleate (CAS 143-19-1) is soluble in water and ethyl alcohol; insoluble in benzene.About Sodiu...…


Magical Shape Memory Alloy-Nitinol

When it comes to shape memory alloy, many people have heard of its name. No matter how it deforms, after heating to a certain temperature, it can magically change back to its original shape. So far, there are dozens of types of shape memory…

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