NSP-2 Molecular Sieve

NSP-2 molecularsieve is a sodium aluminate crystal with a developed 3-D pore structure, strong polarity and highly polarized. Because it has strong adsorption effects on water molecules, it's suitable for deep natural gases dehydration as well as CO2...…


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What is the silica dust rule

Employers will need to measure the amount of silica workers are exposed to if it is at an action level greater than 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. Proper protective measures must be taken if silica exposures are above the P.E.L. of 50 microgra...…


Samsung's next update will make your Galaxy phone feel more like an iPhone

Samsungs Galaxy smartphones are getting a facelift, which should make their software feel more seamless and customizable. If you switch from an iPhone, it will also feel familiar. At its annual developer conference on Tuesday, Samsung detail…


Antimony tin oxide powder properties and application

The attractive characteristics of nanomaterials in structure, photoelectric and chemical properties have aroused the interest of physicists, materials scientists, and chemists. Since the formation of the concept of nanomaterials in the early…

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