What is the Use of Nano Fe3O4 Powder?

Nano Fe3O4 Powder is an excellent additive for the production of cement and concrete. The nano-sized particle has a filling effect without actively participating in the hydration process.…


A brief overview of Nano Fe3O4 powder

Iron oxide (II,III) is an extremely stable thermally and insoluble source of iron that can be utilized for ceramic optical, glass, and ceramic applications.…


What is Nano Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder?

The U.S. and its allies plan to impose sanctions on more Russian industries and supply chains.The US government representatives recently visited Europe to consult with allies on strengthening and enforcing sanctions to punish Russia. They also plan t…


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What is titanium diboride

Among many compounds, metal borides have better high-temperature properties than metal carbides. For example, diboride (TiB2) cermet products are more suitable for use under high-temperature and highly corrosive working conditions than titanium carbi...…

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