High Purity Colloidal Gold Nano Gold Solution CAS 7440-57-5

Nano-gold uses high-purity gold as raw material, and the gold is made into a particle size below 15nm through a special new processing technology, which greatly improves the inherent characteristics of gold. Purity: 1000ppm Particle Size: 5-15nm Ab...…


Application and development history of Nano gold solution

Hail Mary solution Made from high-purity raw materials, it is also made with gold. A new process transforms gold into particles smaller than 15nm. This significantly improves gold's inherent qualities, like its catalytic effects, free radical ...…


The connection and distinction between nano-gold solution and Gold

What's the purpose of Colloidal gold? Colloidal Gold The solution is stable, safe, reliable, non-toxic, transparent, and tastes great. It can also be used in other areas such as biological coloring, DNA analysis, industrial catalysis and removal ...…


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