Ultra-high stability nanocrystals have been found that rapid heating can significantly improve the thermal stability of Cu nanocrystals

Nano metals have poor stability due to the introduction of a large number of grain boundaries. Generally speaking, the growth temperature of nanocrystalline grains is much lower than the recrystallization temperature of coarse crystals, and some nano…


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Hello Bicycle Mass Release in Shenzhen, Meituan Release Yellow Car, Will Stage a Bike-Sharing War Again

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What is molybdenum silicide and its properties?

What's molybdenum silicide, you ask? Molybdenum silicide This inorganic compound has the chemical name MoSi2; it is a gray metallic liquid. While it's insoluble with most acids, it can be dissolved in nitric and hydrofluoric acids. Although the r...…


The preparation method of graphene

The preparation methods of graphene mainly include the following methods: mechanical peeling method, redox method, epitaxial method, silicon carbide epitaxy method, Hemer method and chemical vapor deposition method.…

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