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Different Types of Foaming Agents (3)

In the last article, the physical foaming agents of hydrocarbon foaming agents and hydrofluorane (HFC) foaming agents have been mentioned. In this article, the chemical foaming agents of OBSH and DPT will be talked about.…


Does silica strengthen teeth

Like bones, teeth are part of the skeletal structure, and since Silica is part of bone building, it will also be required to maintain healthy teeth. Bananas: An all-around healthy food, bananas also contain a significant amount of Silica. A medium-si...…


What is the lithium Intercalation Mechanism of Graphite?

Graphite has good conductivity, high crystallinity, and a well-layered structure. It is very suitable for repeated intercalation and deintercalation of lithium ions.…

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