Netflix now offers Android video games to paying subscribers

After regional restrictions earlier this year, Netflixs game promotion officially kicks off this week when the company releases an update to its Android app. All Netflix users on Android will see a line labeled N Games or Mobile Games in the…


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What are the classifications of graphite and their applications?

Graphite industry has developed high-purity graphite, Isostatic graphite, expanded graphite, fluorinated graphite, colloidal graphite, graphene and other high-performance graphite products.…


High Purity Dysprosium Oxide Dy2O3 Powder CAS 1308-87-8,99.9%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Dysprosium Oxide Dy2O3 Powder CAS 1308-87-8,99.9%.…


Rising Star Perovskite in Materials Field

Perovskite is undoubtedly a star in the current material field. Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite has eye-catching electronic and optoelectronic properties, and has huge applications in many devices including solar cells, light-emitting di…

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