In addition to flowers in the Netherlands, semiconductor material bismuth sulphide is also affected

he Netherlands is the "Tulip Kingdom", and it should have been the peak sales season right now. However, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, demand in the European market plummeted. It is reported that the Dutch national flower ma...…


Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg epidemic situation, development of lightweight concrete blocks

The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg reported on the 15th that the number of cases of new coronary pneumonia increased to 1,135, 886, and 77, respectively. The Netherlands and Luxembourg announced on the 15th a series of new measures aim…


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Zinc Sulfide best price ZnS Powder CAS 1314-98-3 high purity

What is zinc sulfide powder?Zinc sulfide is a group II-VI compound semiconductor material composed of sulfur and zinc. The molecular formula is ZnS; the molecular weight is 97.45, and the melting point is 1020℃(15MPa); white crystal, the lattice cons...…


What is Copper Oxide CuO Used For?

The European Union recently approved sweeping new sanctions against Russia, including bans on imports of coal, timber, chemicals, and other CuO powder. What is Copper Oxide CuO?Copper oxide is a kind of inorganic, chemical formula CuO, w…


What if Shinzo Abe wears a ceramic bulletproof vest?

On July 8, 2022, Shinzo Abe was fired while providing a speech in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, and also passed away after being rescued. What if Shinzo Abe had been using a ceramic armor?The Development of bulletproof ProductsWilliam, President of the...…

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