Will Warmer Weather Prevent the Spread of the New Coronavirus?

Generally speaking, high temperatures will kill most viruses. With the increasingly warming weather, will the rise in temperature slow down the spread of the new coronavirus to a certain extent?…


Global "pandemic" new crown virus: Will it disappear on its own in summer, with a slight impact on CLC blocks

The impact of the epidemic has led all countries to initiate emergency treatment modes and close all entertainment and catering gatherings. Do not go out; major construction and industrial companies stop production. This caused severe losses…


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Copper powder preparation and applications

What is copper powder? As the metal copper is widely used, it ranks second in the world in consumption and production capacity of nonferrous metal metallurgy, second only to aluminum. Nano-copper powder plays an important role in many field…


Microsoft is back with Windows 11 SE to challenge Chromebooks

Over the years, Microsoft has been trying to replicate the success of Chrome OS on low-end devices. Windows RT is the companys first failed attempt on ARM devices, released nearly 10 years ago. At the same time, Windows 10 S mode tries to s…


Chemical Properties of Potassium Silicate Solutions Depending on KOH and SiO2 Concentration

The water glass typically used in industry is synthesized using sodium and potassium silicate. In our experiment, as the selective adsorption of the strongly acidic cation exchange resin is greater when the valence of the ion is larger, the water gla...…

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