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A new member of the sports shoe family: A few talks about several flying woven upper materials

Flying woven upper and light running shoes, the latter two terms are estimated that few people have heard of, especially flying woven upper. Put, it is a leading shoe processing technology in China. Applying this technology to running shoes…


What is silica aerogel powder?

Aerogels usually refer to the light nano solid materials with nanoporous network structure formed by the aggregation of ultrafine particles of nanometer scale, and the pores of the network are filled with gaseous disperse medium. Aerogel is…


A Japanese toast company has made a tiny mobile phone designed for the human hand

The Balmuda Phoneis a unique, tiny Android Phone that comes completely out of the blue from a luxury Japanese toaster maker. More often than not, these random smartphone companies tell the same story, including calling a turnkey smartphone…

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