Properties of Nickel-based Super Alloys

The creep rupture strength can be a good indication that the creep rupture life/γ-initial fraction diagram of each alloy series is different, but each series may have a maximum value or exceed 75% (volume) in the vicinity.…


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Boron nitride - One of the hot spots in the field of materials

The pores of the disordered mesoporous boron nitride material are disorderly arranged, and the pore size distribution is relatively wide.…


Concrete Strength Concrete, Hardener Concrete, Reinforcement

Concrete Hardener's main purpose is to increase cement hydration speed and improve concrete strength. Concrete hardener is widely useful in concrete projects that are cast-in-place, prefabricated parts, and concrete projects like r 1. Concrete Harden...…


Microsoft is back with Windows 11 SE to challenge Chromebooks

Over the years, Microsoft has been trying to replicate the success of Chrome OS on low-end devices. Windows RT is the companys first failed attempt on ARM devices, released nearly 10 years ago. At the same time, Windows 10 S mode tries to s…

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