Nickel oxide with superconductivity

Clinical features: Acute exposure Although nickel oxide is a lung irritant, acute exposure is unlikely to cause serious poisoning.…


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Zinc Sulfide Powder – Properties and Applications |

Zinc sulfide This powder is light yellow to white or off-white in color. It becomes darker when it is seen. Zinc sulfuride is stable when dry, however, if left in humid conditions for too long or contains moisture it can slowly oxidize and become zi...…


What is zinc stearate emulsion and its application

What does zinc stearate-emulsion mean? Zinc Stearate is an organic material with the chemical formula C36H70O4Zn. It comes as a powder in white and is not soluble in water. This is a main lubricant/release agent for styrene and phenolic resins as we...…


What is the use of stabilizing oxide alumina?

What does aluminium oxide mean? Aluminium oxide Aluminum oxide has the chemical formula of Al2O3. Aluminium oxide has elemental aluminium as well as oxygen. After chemical treatment of the bauxite, the products are usually a high quality alumin...…

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