High Purity Niobium Boride NbB2 Powder CAS 12007-29-3, 99%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Niobium Boride NbB2 Powder CAS 12007-29-3, 99%.


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Moist-Air Results of MoS2

The M0S2 powder was rubbed onto 440C HT steel disks with three surface finishes: lapped and polished to a surface roughness of 0.09iO. 02 micrometer (CLA), sanded to a surface roughness of 0.30iO. 05 micrometer (CLA) and sandblasted to a surface roughness of 1.24.2 micrometers (CLA). Figure 3 gives photomicrographs and surface profiles of the three substrate surfaces before applying the MoSz films. Figure 4 shows photomicrographs and surface profiles after applying the MoSz films to these surfac


Preparation of iron oxide

Iron oxide: wet method: Quickly react with a certain amount of 5% ferrous sulfate solution with an excess sodium hydroxide solution (requiring an excess of 0.04-0.08g/ml of alkali). A colloidal solution of iron hydroxide, introduced into the air at room temperature to turn it all reddish brown, serves as the crystal nucleus for depositing iron oxide. The crystal nucleus is used as the carrier, and ferrous sulfate is used as the medium. Air is introduced, and ferrous sulfate reacts with oxygen in


What is Aluminum boride?

What is Aluminum boride? Aluminum boride is a binary compound of aluminum and boron, the chemical formula is AlB2. It is a red solid at room temperature and pressure and loses its surface gloss when heated. Aluminum boride is stable in cold

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