The Method Of Preparing High-temperature High-pressure Well Cementing Coupons Niobium Carbide Ceramic Beads

The method for preparing high-temperature and high-pressure oil well cementing test blocks with niobium carbide ceramic beads.…


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Spherical Quartz Powder – Properties and Applications |

Quartz powder in spheres The silica powder is made with a selection of irregular-angled silicon nanopowder. This raw material was then flame melted into a spherical form to produce a small, specific area, high fluidity, low stress, and low friction....…


Introduction to the basic situation of vanadium carbide

Vanadium carbide is an inorganic compound whose molecular formula is VC, a black cubic crystal. The melting point is 2810°C, the boiling point is 3900°C, and the relative density is 5.77. Slightly harder than quartz.…


Fracture Toughness of TiB2

A clearer indication of the role of grain size in the optimization of the mechanical properties of TiB2 is provided by the fracture toughness as measured by the mode I critical stress intensity factor KIc. For fully dense specimens at room temperatur...…

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