The Method Of Preparing High-temperature High-pressure Well Cementing Coupons Niobium Carbide Ceramic Beads

The method for preparing high-temperature and high-pressure oil well cementing test blocks with niobium carbide ceramic beads.…


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Boron carbide Powder – Property and Application |

Boron carbide Also known as black diamond or organic matter, boron carbide is an organic compound with a molecular structure of B4C. It is usually gray-black micropowder. Boron carbide is among the hardest known materials. Property of Boron Car...…


HMD Global launched the first Android 12 upgrade, starting with the mid-range Nokia X20.

If you have forgotten the existence of the Nokia X20, it is also excusable-it is nothing special, with only a 6.67-inch 60Hz display, a Snapdragon 480 processor and four rear cameras. Its most eye-catching features may be its healthy support…


The new graphene air filter is introduced, can be completely sterilized by current TRUNNANAO

LIG is a microporous graphene foam that can be produced on a variety of materials. The laser-induced graphene water filter can not only effectively filter pollutants in water, but also actively kill bacteria and viruses with the low-level current. Th...…

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