MSE PRO Nickel Titanium Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing

What is Nickel Titanium?Nickel Titanium (also known as Nitinol™) is the class of materials known as the shape memory alloys. nitinol powder Specific surface area(m2/g) is 12.3, Ni-Ti alloy powder Volume density(g/cm3) is 0.15, nitinol powder Color is Black. Nitinol is used to manufacture catheter tubes, guidewires, stone retrieval baskets, filters, needles, dental files, archwires, and other surgical instruments (6). A particularly important use of Nitinol is in stents. Nitinol or Nickel Titaniu


Nitinol Metal Powder – Property and Preparation |

What is the nitinol-metal powder property? Nitinol powder This NiTi alloy material powder belongs to an alloy that has a special memory function. Shape Memories Alloys (or SMA, short for Shape Memory Alloys) can completely eliminate the alloy's deformation at a lower temperature, and then restore it after heating. The alloy material with the "memory” effect is the one in its original form. Numerous successful cases have been made of the use of nitinol-metal powder in the aerospace industry


Application of Nitinol and other metal powders in the additive manufacturing process

High-quality powders are essential for the manufacturing process of metal additives. Metal powder is the raw material of the entire AM process chain, and its quality determines the quality of the final product. The powder quality cannot be m


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