November coke price shock back to the 1 schedule 40 pipe price of the impact

November coke price shock back to the 1 schedule 40 pipe price of the impact Coke prices fell in November In late October, and especially into November, the coke market cooled and price volatility eased. On November 3, the price of secondary metallurgi


Microsoft Patch, Tuesday, November 2021

Microsoft Corp. today released updates to eliminate at least 55 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system and other software. Two of the patches target vulnerabilities that have already been used in online attacks, and four of


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Preparation of hexagonal BN

The nitridation or ammonolysis of boron trioxide produces hexagonal boron nitride. H-BN parts can be made by hot-pressing with subsequent machining; the machining cost is low due to the mechanical hardness similar to graphite. The parts are made from boron nitride powders, using boron oxide as a sintering agent. Thin boron nitride films can be obtained by chemical vapor deposition from boron trichloride and nitrogen precursors. Industrial production is based on two reactions: melted boric acid w


Is fumed silica an oil thickener

In addition to providing good thickening and stability and allowing the system to exhibit elasticity to large strains, fumed silica can also be used as a thickening additive in formulated greases. As an additive to formulated greases, fumed silica can provide an additional level of rheological tailoring. Fumed silica has a chain-like particle structure that bonds together to trap liquid, thereby increasing viscosity. Add to thicken and increase the transparency of the paint. Stirring or brushing


Calcium hydride is widely used as a desiccant for alkaline solvents

What does calcium hydride mean? CaH2 is the chemical name for Calcium Hydride. This compound is an alkaline-earth metal hydride. This powder, which is sometimes pure white or white, reacts strongly with water and emits hydrogen. CaH2 is therefore used as desiccant. CaH2 (or brine hydride) is very similar to salt. As a sonar device, German submarines used calcium hydroide during the Battle of the Atlantic. Beryllium is heavier than alkali and alkaline metals. Both form hydrogen halos. The sodi

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