ODEP-K Octyl Decyl Alcohol Ethoxylate Phosphate Potassium

ODEP-K, a water soluble solubilizer capable of solubilizing surfactants, produces a rich foam. It is soluble in electrolyte and high-concentration solutions. What is ODEP K? Octyl Decyl Alcohol Etoxylate Potassium Phosphate ODEP K Octyl Decyl Alco...…


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APEP Monoakylphenol Ethoxylate Phosphate CAS 51811-79-1

At room temperature it is a light yellow transparent liquid. It is easy to dissolve in water, and can be combined with anion (non-ion) or zwitterion. About APEP Monakylphenol Ethoxylate phosphate: APEP Monoakylphenol Ethoxylate Phosphate is rich i...…


What is Aluminium-Silicon Alloy?

What is Aluminium-Silicon Alloy?Silicon-aluminum alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon and also light weight aluminum, which can maintain the exceptional homes of silicon as well as aluminum respectively.Silicon is great in metal alloys made us...…


Domestic Research on Bismuth Telluride Thermoelectric Materials

P-type bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials was prepared using various processes such as zone melting, mechanical alloying, spark plasma sintering (SPS), and hot pressing. Different thermoelectric performance parameters, including electri...…

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